Business Ethics

The company “Burny Consulting” commits towards his customers to:

  • > Show a professional attitude guaranteed by a strong training and validated experience and follow-up of the state of the art.
  • > Provide a control of methods demonstrating real and high-level skills.
  • > Act neutrally in total spirit of independence.
  • > Pay attention to any mission acceptance
  • > Refuse mission not in accordance with its possibilities.
  • > Respect the deadlines and conditions agreed with the contractor.
  • > Establish clear fees before the starting up of each mission.
  • > Inform regularly about the evolution of the mission.
  • > Not to work both for customer and customer suppliers, in case of opportunities research or partnership.
  • > Guarantee the total confidentiality of non public information he could receive during its missions
  • > Insure a strict reserve in all steps on confidential elements which its customer could communicate him.
  • > Establish on request specific agreements of confidentiality

Burny Consulting commits to maintain a total relation of loyalty to its customers. The established works, except particular agreement, are properties of its customers.

In the case of missions of analogue nature made with rival customers, Burny consulting, commits to honest and loyal practices based on respect.