Strategic Analysis

Define a business strategy is a rigorous and detailed work. It should allow your company to have a sustainable and competitive advantage by defining the general guidelines.

(Michael PORTER - 1980)

The company “Burny Consulting” has at his disposal all the tools and the necessary knowledge to help you in this approach and operates according to the following iterative:

processus itératif
  • > Today, in which fields is acting your company?
  • > How attractive is each field?
  • > How are positioned the competitors in each field?
  • > How is splitted and balanced the business portfolio? What will the future orientations be?

Strategy is a long-term engagement.
It is based on anticipation of environment and competitor evolutions. Strategy must be established according to resources and key competences of the company.
The strategy choices lead to engagements and resources allocations.

  • > Variations of the strategy in the action
  • > Is constituted by a reduced number of indicators
  • > Is focused on a collective vision of the stakes