Raw material supply and trade products

For your company, raw material is probably one of the most important expense item.

Optimizing this item permits you to increase the gross margin and has a direct effect on your net income.
It also makes you free to adjust your price politics while still letting your company be profitable.

The company "Burny Consulting" can help you to reduce the raw material costs by :

  • Finding new suppliers having the same materials.
  • Finding substitutes having the equivalent properties or better ones.
  • Influencing on your suppliers with the volume effect, bringing together users with similar needs.
  • Analyzing the “make” or “buy” possibilities. This choice belongs to a strategic decision of your company. Operating by oneself brings more possibilities on differentiation and may be an answer on markets where suppliers are under tension and sometimes without visibility.

The company "Burny Consulting" can also advice you on trade products according to a similar approach.